Second Sundays!

Second Sunday Concert - Sunday August 12th, noon-5 pm


Noon: Cactus Jam
1:30 pm: Cactus Jam 
2:30 pm 
3:30 pm Eve Beguiles
4:30 pm The Ryman Rails


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Suits Me Fine

Terry Okey
Written by Terry Okey


The wind is beatin' on this old car, I got a date in a Texas bar

crossed the state line, Southbound 35, if the sky holds out I'll make it alive,


Time is a costing, tragedy is near

to beat this storm to Austin, I'll burn up my gears,


They won't wait, they want it now,

they've spent their whole damn day pushin' them plows,

It's getting darker, the thunders loud,

the road's unforgiving, under ill black clouds


As it gets colder, the wind calls my name,

it seems to say, sorry you came,

I drink my whiskey, I'll drink some wine,

I'll drink some bourbon, that suits me fine,