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Terry Okey - guitarist, songwriter, singer, storyteller

Terry Okey is a new artist in the BLUE-COUNTRY-ROCK genre whose songs will groove, move and soothe you down the road. It is uncommon to find an artist who can draw from so many TRADITIONAL styles, and yet effortlessly combine them into wonderfully NEW SOULFUL songs. It is this talent that makes Terry an emerging force with his music. He draws from a range of emotions in crafting his songs, and they sound fresh, yet also seem instantly familiar. “I have always loved music and I really connect with the feel of BLUES, COUNTRY, ROCK, BLUEGRASS and R&B”. It took him many years of studying these styles to become fluent in their writing.

In the meantime he manned the guitar as a SIDEMAN for many musical acts and he took sojourns into blues rock, punk, brit-pop, country and cover bands. “I had a great time but in the end I had to create my own SONGS AND STORIES and be true to the music”, Terry says.

His new CD “REVOLUTION OF ONE” contains songs about a range of emotions; love, loss, partying, travelling, loneliness, and even death. “Essentially they are about the road of life, and EVERYONE has felt the emotions that connect with you in these songs” he says.

Terry uses a wide array of guitars to present his songs. He plays a traditional steel-string Martin acoustic for part of the show, but also wields several resonator guitars for slide and finger-picking.  A “resonator” guitar is a guitar that has a chrome resonator ring (somewhat resembling a pie plate) embedded in the body for a special blues or bluegrass sound. A beautiful sunburst Dobro is new, but some of his other guitars are 40, 55 and even 75 years old. “My 1929 national sounds so authentic it’s hard to put down” Terry admits. He creates other worldly soundscapes on a nylon string flamenco guitar, an acoustic 12 string,and at one point teases the past out of a solid chrome Dobro guitar. Amazingly adept at playing the authentic styles of these guitars, he also jumps categories and utilizes them in modern song.

Terry grew up in San Diego, California which has also been home to top rootsy talents like Jason Mraz, Jim Croce, Chris Thiele and Nickel Creek, Eddie Vedder and The Beat Farmers..

Terry can be SEEN regularly in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, or on many of his road trips through the Western U.S.