1. In The End


I spent years workin' tryin' to survive,
never gettin' what I wanted from life,
regrets just take up too much time,
so I'll find a new way to survive,
I don't know, where life's goin', I only know, don't want to be where I've been,
so I'll sit, and watch the river, it always knows right where to bend,
I'll make my way, in the end,
My hazy future, is too big to ignore,
with years gone, I should have faced it long ago,
I'll breathe and feel those trees by the shore,
and roll on, just going with the flow,
Sometimes things get harder than I figured,
I start thinkin' that it's us against them,
in a world full of faster and bigger, I remember  I'm okay where I am,
and I'll make my way, in the end